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A Prayer for Mother Earth

This image was designed after I learned about the toxic spill in East Palestine, Ohio on February 3, 2023.  To this date, we have had many more toxic spills in America.  This image now represents not just one place, but the entire world.  Although the elementals are doing everything they can to contain the poisons that are spilling into rivers and land, they ask that humanity also participate.  There will be people who will physically go to help clean the environment, but many others, like me, will continue to attend to the responsibilities we have at home. 

This does not mean we cannot help.  As every one of us is a powerful creator and everything is energy, we are being asked to take a moment to visualize.  With intention, please settle into a space of healing.  Consider the land as it is and envision it lush with growth.  Imagine and feel serenity and the magnificent abundance of nature.  Feel clean springs of water in your hands.  See life bursting forth.  Know our Earth is sentient and capable. She will heal as she always does.  Hold this image.  Know it in your being, and within this space, things will transform. 

Your intention, and your visualization matter.  They transform the world.

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