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Print a Prayer

These designs are physical representations of prayer filled with ancient symbols found in the sacred geometry that surrounds us.  Each prayer was made to represent the healing journey we may find ourselves on in any given moment.

I do not create prayers to fix experiences that may be perceived as broken.   You are not broken or wrong in any way.  You do not need to be fixed or returned to any previous state of being.  The exact moment you are now experiencing is always calling you to remember and integrate the truth of who you are.  My prayers are simply a reminder for you to realize all experiences move you closer to your divine essence.  You are a powerful creator being.


These prayers help you center into the frequency you wish to express more fully.

Becoming Edited.jpg

We stand together, connected in our human experience.  We evolve in the contrast of light and dark; molded, carved, defined, and designed through life experience into unique expressions of Self.  All experiences invite us to realize our divine nature.

​ May we welcome this journey of becoming as we rediscover the sacred within.  May we all settle into the truth of who we are, as fully and completely as our heart desires.

​Prayer:  Life naturally leads to the fullest expression of my truth.  I intentionally open my heart and nurture my self toward a fullness of being.

In this moment, I am exactly who I am meant to be.  I am a single and unique piece of a puzzle, designed perfectly to express the truth of who I am.

I am open-hearted.  I am connected.  I am infinite potential.

WM Strength.jpg

May you feel the light and love of the divine in all life experiences.  May you know this same love within yourself.  May you live in wonder.  May you witness miracles.  May you feel the strength you carry, and know that you are never, and have never been alone.  May you open yourself to the divinity that you are.



​I ground in the energies of strength and fortitude to move through new experiences.  I center into my Self and embrace my connection with the divine.  I flow and move in harmony and grace.

​I am revitalized.  I am a living miracle.  I am whole.  I am Love.

I often create art for friends and family.  I receive images in meditation and then build designs filled with symbolism and blessings.  Scroll through the designs that speak to your heart.  What meaning do you find?  What frequency do you want to tap into?  Print your favorite to use in quiet reflection or enhance them with the colors of your choice. 

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