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Spirit Messages

Conscious art to transform humanity

Prayers to Expand Consciousness

Spirit Animals Blessings

My personal healing journey began with creating black and white designs.  I sought balance in life and I wanted to understand the energies of spirit animals, and the concept of darkness and light, and how each helps enhance the other.  Today it feels that we see nothing but darkness, but the truth is, the light is brighter than ever, and we are now more able to see all that has been hidden in the shadows.  This is a blessing for us, as we can now more clearly see all those things, we have hidden from ourselves.  When we know our own shadow self, we can live freely.


In this new shift in consciousness, it is time to make manifest every glorious beautiful thing about you.  It is time to experience the joyful life you dream of.  It is time to stop telling yourself the sad and sorrowful story of your life. It is time to step forward into the infinite possibility of your true Self.  Be deliberate and choose to affirm positive thoughts and statements.  Allow all that is waiting for you into your life.  Choose to create a life that celebrates your magnificence.

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