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Your Power is Within

I recall in 2012, there were many people very concerned about “the end of the world”. It feels a bit silly right now to consider that, but it was a real fear. In answer to that, I began designing Trees of Life. I remember thinking, well it may be the end of life for some, but not in my timeline! I simply refused to believe that. While creating my tree designs, I received the insight that endings are always followed by new beginnings, and we were only entering a new birth cycle.

I have been reminded that gestation can feel long and tiring, and labor can be painful and filled with fear. I think maybe that’s what I witness as I look upon the world. I settle into the knowing that we are being pushed toward a new way of being on this planet. We are being asked to remember that our power is in our connection to our highest holy self. And that highest self, is waiting within. It is not outside in any other person, place, or thing. It is found in the deep breath that anchors us within our body, and the stillness between the many thoughts we think we are. We are being asked to wake up and remember we are more than our human experiences.

Prayer: Within me I find truth. I am the peace of Source. I am the light of Source. I anchor this holy frequency. In this, I manifest the same.

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