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Painted Blessings to Expand Consciousness

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Prayers and blessings for humanity to support our personal growth and expand our consciousness.

Lydia Castro Taft
Artist, Practical Mystic & Metaphysical Guide

THIS IS WHAT I KNOW:  We are living in a world filled with possibility.  Within this possibility is anything you can imagine… any desire you can dream up… any hope your heart longs for.  You are the artist of your life.  It is time to select and paint the colors you desire.


THIS IS WHY I CREATE:  My art is a representation of my prayers for humanity.  It is channeled energy of hope, faith, and love.  It is an expression of personal growth, and the beauty that can be found in every dimension of our life experiences.

THIS IS MY GIFT TO YOU:  Interpret the symbols as you please.  Select the images that speak to your Soul.  The one that feels right, the one that sparks interest and reflection, is the prayer and blessing for you.

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Miracles happen when you believe. 


It is a decision.


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Kiowa, Colorado, USA

Be willing to live in a sacred way.  This is how you will know divinity.

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